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... or make your own in the ZQuest Classic editor!
Open Source
Free and open source!
Cross Platform
Windows (Win7+), Mac (12+), and Linux. Experimental support for Web browsers, including mobile browsers
Asset Database
100+ tilesets, 500+ scripts, 1000+ loose graphics, and 600+ music files available on the community site
MIDI, MP3, OGG, and various chiptune formats: GBS, NSF, SPC, VGM, GYM, IT, XM, S3M, MOD
ZScript is a custom scripting language that allows multiple ways to extend the engine. It's JIT-compiled to machine code, so it's fast! We also have a VS Code plugin!
Distribute Your Quest
Share your custom quest with the world by distributing a .qst file, a standalone application, or simply a URL
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